Fiat Embraces the Bad Boy Image with Charlie Sheen

Fiat Embraces the Bad Boy Image with Charlie Sheen

House Arrest is a good thing, apparently


Fiat’s bad boy, the Abarth 500, pairs up with a real life bad boy, Charlie Sheen. A good-sized mansion provides plenty of room for this speedy little car as it races around rooms and down hallways. When it stops, to a crowd of cheering guests, out steps Sheen complete with ankle monitor. The tag line “Not all bad boys are created equal” pretty much says it all.

This is the ad we did not see at the Super Bowl - apparently, it wasn’t ready for prime time. Instead, the company ran a spot titled “Seduction.” Before that, Jenny from the Block took a turn in the Fiat, but then got her chops busted for not really tooling around the “Block.” With that particular ride ripped out from under the car company, it was just another blow to the Abarth’s sorry launch to begin with.

They’ve done an excellent tie-in that may turn off those opposed to sex, drugs, and bad behavior. But how big a group is that, anyway? Hopefully, Fiat won’t get any flak for that. Especially after the Lopez fuss.

So bad advertising now turns to the bad boy himself for a re-boot. The former “Men” star has had an interesting last few months at best and haven’t we all followed along? Sure, we have. The video is well-done in my opinion, but it also suffered from the backlash of Sheen’s most recent behavior. Critics who agreed that the whole warlock and goddess stuff was just silly, out of control, or downright wrong probably won’t be flocking to buy a Fiat any time soon.