Old Spice Guy Takes a Turn at Jolly

Old Spice Guy Takes a Turn at Jolly

Out of the Man-Cave and into a Santa Suit


What's the hottest thing this winter season? It may very well be the Old Spice Guy. Isaiah Mustafa, the actor who's going after a whole new aftershave crowd, is back in blazing bareness dressed only in a festive scarf and a white towel to cover the man-parts.

They're calling him "MANta" Claus (what else?) and he's already rolled out a series of different commercials. Women are loving it, which is probably a good thing as thoughts of buying Old Spice gifts dance around in female heads.

As he makes a promise to come through with gifts for everyone (as in, on the entire planet), he's getting a good start as he heads from the U.S. to Australia and other distant places. As the countdown to handing out seven billion or so presents continues, you can follow Old Spice Guy on YouTube. There's even a countdown timer on gifts given at the end of the vids.

In my opinion, ad agency Wieden & Kennedy (of Target's Christmas Champ fame) gets another round of kudos for these clever spots. In fact, W&K probably borrowed from Old Spice Guy's successful on-line media response campaign to push Christmas Champ out into the public. Still a nice job without seeming like a copycat attempt.

Will Old Spice Guy eventually get dumped? Not by women buyers, but by changing times and attention spans of the creatives in ad agencies? Who knows. We won't worry about Mustafa, either, as he appears to be a struggling actor no more. Reportedly, plenty of offers are on the table.

While fame is fleeting, especially in the ad world, it's hard to beat a shirtless muscled man who just wants to share his gifts, isn't it?