It's About Food, But Not Really

It's About Food, But Not Really

A Noted Food Mag Disses the Dish

Apparently Bon Appetit lost its food photographer and hired a fashion guru instead. Under the direction of a new editor, the mag has incorporated a series of "lifestyle" pieces as a repositioning statement. The set of ads provides a glamorous look at world-savvy fashionistas (read, skinny models) who flit about making small talk.

There's no food in sight, however, and that's drawing attention from the traditionalists.

While many print magazines are struggling, it seems the celebrity-chef-driven vehicles are taking off. And editors are promoting the "sexy" side of food, which must translate into so-called "sexy" bodies instead of focusing on the tabletop delicacies. While upscale "culture" is everywhere, the food side is only implied, in other words. But they seem assured in the premise that by being "Bon Appetit," everyone will know they're really all about food.

But, there's another twist. Bon Appetit is also about lifestyle! So, this is just another way to promote what the beautiful people do outside of the kitchen. After they've slaved all day, of course, over a hot stove. After they've sliced and diced their way through a mountain of hors d'oeuvres. The hard work is over, now it's time to float around being sociable. That makes sense, then.

This is becoming more of a mainstream tactic and I don't have any facts and figures to back up my thoughts at the moment. Will seeing beautiful models make me hungry? Don't think so. Nor do I believe they'll provide the urge to go whip up a gourmet meal.

Just another "smart" ploy that plays to trends instead of the people? Another tough advertising question.