Vodka Brands Stretch Taste Limits

Vodka Brands Stretch Taste Limits

How Low Can They Go?

Beyond the gold standards in vodka advertising (meaning Absolut in my book), some brands are lapping at the edge of good taste. Some may even be going overboard. Wodka (Vodka) is a case in point. Their web site shows a rotating showcase of ads. The panel with the Chihuahua straddling a vodka bottle is just the beginning (go ahead, picture it).

Next, the company makes a comparison in premium brands and pricing between escort services and prostitutes (you can click on the link at the end of this blog to experience the joy for yourself). Next, you can drop down to their "Sex on the Beach" scene for the recipe section. Over the years, other brands have exposed their tasteless sides to raves and rants. Svedka gets a thumbs-up -- or a hands-down, depending on your sensibilities.

Skyy is another that has cleverly put together some un-PC print ads that roused a minority of complaints among righteous observers.Is all of this a case of "any attention is good attention"? Probably. When vodka made its first push into the public eye, it became the trendiest drink on the block. So, word of mouth - along with a disturbing variety of flavors - has also been the driver.

Among the bolder vodka ad promotions are also the subtler hints. Here's the good part:

--It's odorless so you won't get caught with alcohol breath.

--It's no longer the stepchild to gin when it comes to stylish martinis.

As with so many campaigns, it's all about perception. They've done a mighty fine job of stirring -- and shaking -- up the masses, don't you think?

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