Too Much Perky For Black Friday?

Too Much Perky For Black Friday?

Target's Christmas Champ is on a Roll

She's a manic Martha - that lady associated with Target's popular advertising campaign. Dubbed the "Christmas Champ," this woman is pumping up the attention for the retailer with action any steroid pusher would be proud of. From the shoulders up, she looks like a society maven - but it gets scary when cameras pan to the red jumpsuit. In real life, her name is Maria Bamford and she's a comedian from Minnesota.

This year, it seems, the Christmas Champ is everywhere and she's stepping up to the plate across all the popular social media platforms. Incessant tweets are her game along with a growing fan base at Facebook. Of course, turn on the TV, especially building up to the B-I-G Black Friday sales and you won't be able to escape.

While over-scaled to the extreme, the Christmas Champ supposedly resonates with Black Friday shoppers. At least those who plan for weeks in advance, mapping out routes, store openings, and bargains. We all have friends and family members who live for Thanksgiving Day only because the newspaper will be four times thicker, filled with fliers. With stores opening as early as the crack of midnight on the Friday After, there's little sleep to be had for these dedicated individuals.

Although I've foregone the Black Friday crowds for many years, there's still that primal urge. You know the one - that $2 sweeper or $25 TV doorbuster deal. The items that will be long gone in the first 20 seconds after they're made available. Still, there's that void that's missing on the Friday after Thanksgiving. Knowing everyone else is out there slugging through the masses while I sleep in.

Thanks, Christmas Champ, for dredging up those old urges.