Taco Bell Ramps Up Its “Spanish” Heritage

Taco Bell Ramps Up Its “Spanish” Heritage

Says No Mas to Tired Cliche


Surely I’m not the only one who got tired of “think outside the box” way back in the dark ages when businesses were encouraging staff creativity. When Taco Bell borrowed it to “Think Outside the Bun,” it very nearly did me in.

Now, with a new cantina style menu, the suits and creatives have finally decided an overhaul is needed. They’re also assuming that just about everyone, everywhere knows some Spanish. Don’t we? The new tagline is “Live Mas,” which translates into “live more,” in case you need a little help with that. This isn’t their first attempt to teach English speakers a foreign language. Remember the Chihuahua and the “Yo Quiero Taco Bell” commercials. (Hint: “I Want Taco Bell.”)

Their Youtube video, titled “Pockets” is more of a mood-setting than a push for the chain’s food. At the end, their big reveal is a Slab Hauler (non-relevant, but that translates into “losa transportista”) theater stub and a packet of TB’s hot sauce. Must have been some good time, huh? It’s a nice warm fuzzy that lets our imaginations go to work.

There are naysayers, of course, and this is coming off a bad year of accusations about their meat (or lack thereof). Some critics are stating they’re overreaching - it’s just fast food, after all, and cheap stuff at that. Now seems to be a good time to re-brand and if this new approach works, that’s great. At least the call to “think outside” is dunzo.

While I might not be a Taco Bell fan, the Border Sauce label with the “Fire” imprint makes we want to swipe a few packets.