Surviving the End Times with Advertising

Surviving the End Times with Advertising

Beer, Body Spray, Trucks are Survival Tools of Choice


Popular brands are preparing us for the Apocalypse - one commercial at a time. Advertisers are taking Mayan predictions seriously, but with a touch of humor. And it’s all to sell stuff, of course. If you own any of the featured products, you’re in luck, however.

The End may have begun with Lynx body spray. It’s a manly product that obviously is a must-have on this commercial’s wooden ark. The sparse accommodations, built single-handedly as we watch, are getting spiffed up for the influx of females. Just before they begin boarding - two by two - the man of the hour adds a few spritzes of Lynx.

Survivalists will also want to head down to the local Chevy dealer post-haste. The Silverado is our truck to save the day; forget Ford (according to the commercial). Out of the rubble, a bevy of Chevys comes rumbling to center stage, complete with male drivers, a dog, and raining frogs. Oh, and a box of Twinkies.

If there’s no room in the ark and you can’t afford a Silverado, you might still survive. Just pick up a six-pack of wheat beer from Anheuser-Busch and you’ll be in good shape. If not a little jollier. But first, there’s destruction, crevices, flames, and a guest appearance from a large lizard with flashing red eyes.

With the predicted end just a few months away (December 21, 2012), there’s still time to take stock of how you smell, make a change in driving habits, and grab an ice-cold bottle of Shock Top.

Prepare now - you’ve been warned.