The Super Bowl's most convincing ads

The Super Bowl's most convincing ads

Dogs, fast cars and history.

Like many people, I watch the Super Bowl only for the commercials and because it gives me an excuse to eat melted cheese. I’m usually impressed with some clever ads—and amazed that some ads were deemed eye-catching enough for companies to pay the big, Super Bowl-slotted bucks—and this year was no exception. Here are some of the ads that were the most successful on Super Bowl Sunday:

Sketchers and Mr. Quiggly. This ad was effective just because it used an adorable French bulldog wearing tiny little shoes. In fact, that seemed to be a theme for the ads this year: have them include some major stunt or a really cute dog. In this Sketchers ad for GOrun sneakers, Mr. Quiggly wears a shoe on each foot, and beats a bunch of greyhounds in a dog race. He’s so quick that he does a reverse moonwalk across the finish line and then smiles. Aw! Dorito’s also had a cute Great Dane in its video, but the cute dog didn’t dance; instead, it killed, which isn’t quite as lovable as a dog in shoes.  


Budweiser’s Prohibition-era Ad. This ad was more like a short movie than a commercial for Budweiser, which is why it was so effective. The ad takes place at the end of Prohibition—which lasted 13 years; I learned something new from watching the Super Bowl—and features bars reopening and a bunch of Clydesdales bringing in a new shipment of Budweiser. Sure, we all know that the Budweiser plants weren’t up and brewing that fast, but who cares? The ad was cinematic and memorable, but I’m still not going to drink Budweiser.


Chevy Post-Apocalyptic Video. This ad wasn’t great per say, but it is memorable and controversial, which may be just as good for business. In it, the world has ended per the Mayan calendar’s prediction, and four guys meet up after the catastrophe to eat Twinkies. All four drove Chevy Silverado’s, but one of their buddies hasn’t made it through because he drove a Ford. Ford is pretty angry at its competitor’s bashing, and has told Chevy that it needs to remove the ad and stop airing it because of the ad’s disparaging claims. What an odd claim on Ford’s behalf—can they prove that their truck is going to make it through the apocalypse?

What were your favorite Super Bowl commercials? Were there any ads that you hated?