Super Bowl Ad Followup Claims Doritos a Winner

Super Bowl Ad Followup Claims Doritos a Winner

Great Danes as Cat Haters


Okay, so the Doritos commercials are still the most talked-out in some circles. Everyone loved the baby in a sling, but the Great Dane received the most votes. For the price of $20 (for dog treats), this consumer-produced advertisement received all sorts of rave reviews. And laughs. And one million dollars. But, wait - was this really the cute commercial everyone is yakking about? Not so fast.


Seems the Great Dane and his master (a male, naturally) are in deep trouble with PETA and with cat lovers across the globe. After all, the pooch has just offed a cat (or at least that’s what the overall reference is to). We have a large canine covering up something in a flower bed. The colorful item we see a shot of before those last bits of dirt cover it up just happen to be … well, it looks just like a missing kitty’s collar tag. The flyer for a lost cat reveals that little bit of information to help us understand while we chuckle at the possibilities. Now we have a murderous pet performing an act that would horrify most folks. Then, the dog proceeds to bribe a witness via a Post-It note stating “you didn’t see nuthin.” Nice touch, whoever taught penmanship to the Great Dane, huh?

On top of all this dastardliness, we have a second issue. That’s the fact that the commercial promotes the fact - or fallacy - that men prefer dogs while women are always cat-lovers.

And all it takes to keep quiet about the dirty deed is a bag of spicy Doritos.

Enough said.