Roll Your Own - Doritos Commercial, That Is

Roll Your Own - Doritos Commercial, That Is

Get the Cameras Rolling for Next Year!


The finalists for this year's Doritos Crash the Super Bowl commercials have already been announced and it looks like a great crop. Out of thousands of wannabes, it's down to the final five and you can see them all either on YouTube or at the dedicated Doritos site. While many of the filmmakers had some level of professional experience, it's also clear they had a lot of fun making the spots. You get to decide whether they're really clever or if they're in line with the majority of ads already out there.

Beginning in 2007, this promotional campaign has been a winner for Frito-Lay with some reported sales gains as much as 16 percent. By 2009, the company upped its ante to one million dollars for entrants. Since then, the silliness and cleverness has escalated with much anticipation and preparation. Some of the spots will be slammed and others praised, just like in the "real ad world." By January 29, 2012, two finalists, vying for the money prize, will be announced.

The usual culprits are present in this year's crop, too. You'll find a lone baby (always a winner) along with dogs (also always at the top of the heap) along with a play on employee wackiness. Back on the home front, clueless dudes rule with a "Hot Wild Girls" theme.

There's still time to cast a vote. It's also time for all you future filmmakers to put together an entry for next year. While you'll get to see the top two picks at Super Bowl 46 on February 5, the winner will also go on to produce a second commercial in collaboration with a real production agency. Grab a Doritos bag and let the creative juices roll.