Purina Addresses Tummy Issues with Canine Probiotics

Purina Addresses Tummy Issues with Canine Probiotics

Mishka the Dog "Talks" About Digestion


Tummy feeling a little wonky? Digestive issues keeping you from wanting to socialize? Oh, wait, it's not you - it's your pet! And this isn't a yogurt commercial. Purina has hit a JLC (Jamie Lee Curtis) homerun with its probiotic supplement powder for dogs.

Of course, you can't have a product without a pet. That's where Mishka the talking Siberian Husky comes in. In a group of holiday commercials, Mishka, who became a vocal sensation some years ago, now is touting the benefits of Fortiflora. Under a vet's supervision, just a dusting added to regular food helps settle down those intestinal bugs, getting things back into balance (in other words, replenishing "good" bacteria when the "bad" goes into overdrive.)

The holidays are certainly a tough time for pets. In fact, Purina puts plenty of emphasis on stress (and isn't that a common complaint of humans who suffer from milder intestinal disorders?). With a house full of strangers or a few days away from home, pets often get the short end of the stick. Not to mention all the bad human-food bits that end up on the floor for scavenging.

Purina lucked out with Mishka, whose fan base was already well-established. Of course, being a well-trained dog with a winning personality helped in the equation. Add in the many sounds Mishka makes that are interpreted as human-like phrases, and you have an almost guaranteed sale on your hands. No owner wants a pet to suffer, so if a sprinkle of Fortiflora powder helps, then so be it.

You'll fall in love with this furry performer and you'll even hear an "I Love You" at the end.

Straight from the pooch's mouth.