A New Year - New Weight Loss Commercials

A New Year - New Weight Loss Commercials

Weight Loss Products Slug it Out With Skinny Stars


The Battle of the Bulge always begins in January. Major brands come out slugging with celebrities to see who wins "big" with audiences. The list is familiar: Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig, and NutriSystem. And who doesn't want to jump on the bandwagon after seeing the latest trio of successful users?

Dropping the Weight with Star Support

Our latest round of weight loss (paid) supports includes Mariah Carey (Jenny), Janet Jackson (NutriSystem), and Jennifer Hudson (WW). Just follow their advice, invest in the recommended foods, and you, too, can be a diva with drastically reduced dimensions.

Of course, they're also believable. You have slenderized Jennifer singing to her old fat self, Mariah showing off a post-baby bod (in the featured YouTube here), and Janet getting real about her own fight with extra pounds.

While weight loss plans are good, you have to be a bit cynical along with the belief that they work. We're seeing these three stars at their very best. Sure, they've been "adhering" to their respective diets, but they've also probably had a team of nutritionists, fitness trainers, cosmeticians, and hairdressers providing (paid) services while rooting them along.

The rest of us have to rely on, well, just ourselves most likely. Not to mention working our budgets around to afford the recommended foods (delivered right to your door in some cases). Then, there's the scheduling to work around - rearranging to fit in exercise - either at home or at the gym.

Each January, it's encouraging to see the latest round of weight loss commercials. Choosing which diva's path to follow is up to us - and the abilities of the brands to sell us on their programs.