Looking on the “Bark Side” of VW

Looking on the “Bark Side” of VW

Teaser Unleashed for VW’s Super Bowl Appearance


VW’s young Darth Vader in the driveway is gone, making room for a pack of pups. For the big XLVI game, they’re unleashing some canine talent ahead of time, courtesy of video on YouTube. Of course, it didn’t take long for this canine choir to go viral, yelping its way through the “Imperial March.”

Realizing they had a winner last year, the company and its agency are sticking to the Star Wars theme but without the family scene. This year’s focus is also on the ever-popular Beetle instead of the Passat. It first appeared on Prime Time TV in hopes of upping the hype for a full-blown commercial on Feb 5, during the third quarter.

These “talented” canines may very will be another big winner. Last year, VW was tops in overall viral video, so it’ll be interesting too see if a bunch of pooches can out-perform a kid with galactic powers. The Force definitely needs to be strong with an average layout of 3.5 million dollars per spot during the game.

Even more brilliant (maybe) is the fact that VW states this sixty-second teaser isn’t the commercial that will actually be playing. Since this video is such a howling hit, it’s sure to draw viewers in hopes of seeing more of man’s best friends dressed up as Chewbacca and Darth (not to mention an AT-AT).

We don’t have a team favorite in this year’s Super Bowl, but - as always - it’ll be great fun to dish or diss on the commercials.