LG Makes Use of Burglar Smarts

LG Makes Use of Burglar Smarts

Don't Get Any Ideas for Lifting a Slim-line TV


This spot for LG TVs is making the viral rounds, courtesy of Y&R's Amsterdam creative folks. I don't want to spoil it for you - just watch. They're promoting the slimmest TV in the world and I can attest that LG can really make some super-thin TVs. They've managed to do it with screens that don't black out at the sides or from the top and bottom, either. (That's not a sales pitch - we own two of them.)

International commercials continue to rule when it comes to off-beat humor and oddball sensibilities. American agencies just don't have it. They seem to go with tactics that dumb us down or simply spiral toward the silliness of pre-teen antics. Not much more to say about that, other than they must work with their target audiences.

What makes this commercial so brilliant is it leads viewers right up until the very end to make its point and then it just whacks you over the head. It's one of those scratch-your-head pieces up until that point - then, with one single turn and the classic "gotcha" moment, you'll want to re-play it just for the mere genius of it.

Of course, we can also address the issues of stealing because thieves - both smart and dumb - have been a prominent sales tool for decades, not to mention their appeal as main movie characters. Sooner or later, some group will have an overreaction about that. In the meantime, just enjoy this little piece of "smartness" from our YouTube corner of the Internet.