L'eggs Attempts a Leggy Comeback

L'eggs Attempts a Leggy Comeback

Nylons Are "New" Again

Just a few months ago, pantyhose wearing was a scourge destined for the back drawers of women's dresser drawers everywhere. Today, nylons are back thanks to new ads instituted by the L'eggs brand and a push from the newest royal herself, Kate Middleton. During the royal wedding festivities, everyone - from fashionistas on down - took note of their "barely there" covered legs. Some say it was in deference to queenly decree while others feel like it might have been a practical as well as a personal style choice.

Many of us remember when it was important to select a color - nude, black, tan, or otherwise - to go with every outfit. Where did the world go wrong with the chance to cover up those lily whites? Or even add a little cover to blemished skin tones? Throughout the 1970s, even young girls wouldn't "leave home without them."

Thanks to a revamped effort by L'eggs, pantyhose are no longer something you pull on for a funeral and hope you won't find any runners. The plastic egg is long gone, but the brand is certainly back in a transforming push that may shock some and be wholly embraced by others. The Queen and Duchesses' tastes aside, bare may no longer be "there," while legs get a lift with skin-conforming nylons.

It will be interesting to follow this trend. Does it also mean a return to more "lady-like" attire as opposed to casual and sporty looks? As with many other sweeping changes (yes, the ones that come around and go around), will the push for pantyhose usher in a new era or will this "fad" be something we'll see fade then return a few decades from now?