Dealing is Done for Priceline’s Shatner

Dealing is Done for Priceline’s Shatner

A Final Negotiation Goes Wrong


For 14 years, William Shatner has been the successfully amusing spokes-character for Priceline. Now, the company’s saying goodbye with a daringly dangerous end to the actor’s reign. Killing off a favorite personality is dangerous and this spectacular event will be shocking to first-time viewers who don’t have a clue.

Before Priceline, William Shatner was at the helm of the U.S.S. Enterprise, of course. As Captain Kirk, he was a young, virile commander who went on to make “Trekkie” films even after the TV show died. T.J. Hooker gave him another noted role alongside Heather Locklear. Other fans may remember him well as Denny Crane on The Practice. The 80-year-old remains active today in various television enterprises. However, for many, he’ll be best-remembered for his appearances in Priceline commercials.

He’s taken the cut with good grace and an understanding that things change. Priceline’s new business model is not so much negotiating as it is providing a set “low” price. It would have been difficult to create that new definition with viewers still associating Shatner with the old business model. 

So, be prepared to watch this grisly commercial. As Shatner saves a group of tourists from a bus that’s going over the railing, his final words are: Save yourselves — some money. Then, it’s lights out for the character in a fiery explosion as he goes down with the empty bus. A sad farewell for the character, but it’s obvious he’s had a good run making this role his very own and no one will be able to replace that.