Best Buy is Busting Santa's Chops

Best Buy is Busting Santa's Chops

If All Moms Were This "Nice," We'd be in Trouble


Ditching a wildly popular Christmas ad campaign ad from last year, Best Buy is busy appealing to moms in their push for the 2011 holiday season. "Game On, Santa" is sure to douse a few dreams when kids see the ad, too. In other words, there's going to be some 'splaining to do with children who still believe in Santa.

It starts with a nice catch - all the great deals at Best Buy that are under $100. A mom - who by the way morphs into a real snark at the end (sorry if I'm spoiling it for you) - loads up on gear and rushes home to fill all the oversized stockings - except for one. The poor dog begging for his stocking to be filled (because Mom only bought gifts for the humans) is a double-whammy in mean-spiritedness.

First of all, do you really want to mess with Santa at Christmas? Do you want your children to see him as a forlorn has-been? All because a not-so-lovable mother has scooped the Jolly Old Elf on his biggest night of the year? Well, Best Buy has done a mighty fine job of that.

Obviously, this ad tested well, but I'm not sure who the target audience might have been. It certainly wasn't filled with a majority of on-line commenters who have all been quite vocal in the negative.

Another point is the "gifts under $100." In this economy, Best Buy might be better served in dropping that bar a tad more - say about half. Besides that, it's too easy to comparison shop the gear they're promoting and it could even push consumers to find better deals elsewhere.

All that said, the bottom line is:

When you mess with Santa's emotions, you're bound to get in trouble.